Friday, June 11, 2010

First Poast

Alright everyone so this is going to be my first attempt at a blog. My purpose here is hopefully to create interesting discussions, track my own progress in life, keep me motivated, and share portions of my thoughts and ideas with select family and friends. It's going to be a multifaceted blog and for that reason I will do my best to clearly label each section or entry with the subject so you guys that aren't interested in a particular subject don't have to read it. I will NOT censor myself, but I will try to keep it fairly SFW unless labeled otherwise. So lets dive right in.

*** Fitness ***

Alright so I have been starting to try and lose some weight since about a week or two ago. I am trying to reduce my calorie intake to around 1k - 1.5k a day, eating 5 separate times, not eating before bed, drinking tons of water, eating healthier foods. I have been doing cardio most every day by shooting hoops or power walking the Cambria hills. I picked up the power 90 videos and have been following their muscle routines starting on a couple days ago. I really didn't like the cardio stuff at all nor the yoga so I skipped it and just have been doing the body sculpting and ab routines. I started last week around 254.5 and this morning i was 246.5, it's really good to see some progress right out of the gate and that helps me stay motivated. I already have more en
ergy (and as a product of that more determination) than in years and am starting to feel a whole lot better. Now if I could only quit smoking....

*** Poker ***
As a lot of you may know I play online poker right now as a hobby. I'd like to make it a profession someday. I deposited my first 100 on pokerstars last october and have since been as high as 1k and today my account sits at 309.13. I moved quickly from the .1/.2 cash tables to the .2/.5 and then the .5/.10 buying in full for 100 big blinds each table, over 8 -10 tables at a time. (e.g. at .5/.10 i bought in for 10 dollars per table, these limits will be referred to by buy in, such as "10 NL"). Anyway I ended up taking some shots at 50 NL heads up (one on one) that went very badly and then had a long downswing at 25nl and all of the sudden was sitting back at around 250 (during this period I also cashed out about 300 and shipped 100 to friends so it's not as bad as it seems.) These last few days I have started again at 10nl, playing only 6 or 7 tables to start, focusing and THINKING through every decision. Value betting the nuts, check folding my misses, playing tight and aggressive, rarely calling, always raising first in. i've been running somewhere around
15/12/2.5 for my last thousand hands. But the really beautiful part and why I know i'm playing well is I can point to all my mistakes and I have been keeping them smaller, fewer, and much farther between. I haven't been running hot, in fact I haven't won a full buy in pot in the last 1k hands but am still up ~$24. I was trying to auto pilot before and losing, now I'm thinking and crushing. I need to just post results until my BR at least doubles here. I'm hoping after 20 or 40k hands I can move back up and take some shots at 25nl. I will be posting hands on here for review and discussion frequently (hopefully) and I really really want some comments from the players.


Go LAKERS! Best of 3 now and the guys looked tired in the 4th quarter last night. Boston's bench just came alive and destroyed us. I feel good about the next game though as it seems the pride hurt in losing has really seemed to motivate each team to win the next game.

Also go Dodgers! Right now we've got one game on the Padres and 3.5 on the Giants going 8-2 in our last 10. Our pitching has been strong when we've needed it too and run support coming sometimes late but in time. We start a series with the angels today and I'm hoping to pick up 2 wins but the Angels have been red hot going 7-3 in their last 10.

The world cup is underway and we have our first match Saturday against England who is favored. I am getting surprisingly patriotic all of the sudden and I hope we take those queen saving blokes out to the wood shed. That is all. On a side note... Bravo poker stars.

So thats about all for the moment, my goals for the day are 7 tabling 500-1k hands, doing my muscle workout, 30-60 minutes of cardio, and pitching lights out in MLB the show 09 :D

I leave you with lolz... (maybe slightly NSFW)


  1. Good job on your first post. But in the blogging world, the first is the easiest.

    Im starting with P90X on Monday myself.

  2. so okay, like i said before, the poker shit is totally lost on me. otherwise, nicely done :)